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Saturday, July 25, 2009


FREEDOM OF WOMEN (posted for naarisakhi's Freedom contest)

Progress of women compared with the past centuries.

Let us go back to 9th century when women had no freedom . All of us know Sri Andal and her story. Why Andal today? Because, today is her birthday “AADIPOORAM”. So we’ll start with her. She is a precious gem among women. She gathered all her friends towards “SERVICE TO GOD” and she did the services with sincerity and devotion.

Her services to Tamil literature is very great .

We can call her an ideal woman. She was a light to friends. She was selfless and free from all desires and she set an example for others to follow.

When one talks about Women liberation, we cannot forget Subramania Bharathiar. He said “Maadhar thammai izhivu seiyyum madamayaikkoluththuvOm” He had a clear vision about women.

Now, all of us talk about Women empowerment and most of us mean it as gender equality or equal status with men. Is it the men who does not give us privilege?

In many places, women are the enemies of women.

What is Women Empowerment?

Today’s girls need simple materialistic pleasure. They think dating and flirting are modern ways of living. They do not know where to draw a line and they land into troubles. Are they marching towards the right direction?

Freedom to women should not become a blemish.

My father used to drop me to my college. My husband has helped me to come out from critical situations. My sons and my husband encourages me in my activities.


Not all the husbands are rude and pessimistic.

Is it logic to generalize all men in the society, just because some men are not encouraging their wives?

We are the masters of our actions. So, do your duties at home, and then enjoy your FREEDOM and talk about WOMEN EMPOWERMENT in an optimistic way. Gather friends as Sri Andal did and do your duty with sincerity and dedication.

It is not the freedom that matters. It is the patience and concentration through which we can achieve anything in the world.


  1. Very well said. As a woman, thank you for this post!

    I try to teach my daughter that women can do anything a man can. They just have to put their minds to it.

    Boundaries are what you create yourself. No one draws a line for you.

  2. By chance I found your blog,
    Really awesome and really uplifting..
    Some of the articles proves useful and seems timely for me as I think of some hard-questions these past days!

    Thank you!

  3. Nive article and enjoyed reading.

  4. I agree about what you said 'we are the masters of our actions'. I agree on what you said about not all the men being bad. But I don't think you can generalize today's girls as ones 'looking out for materialistic pleasures, dating, flirting etc'.
    On the contrary, today's women are an empowered, independent and liberated lot. No generalizations plz!

  5. This is a nice article!..