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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Indian poets say a swan can separate the water and milk in a mixture of both and drink only the milk leaving the water behind. Let us not discuss if it is researched or proved. But we have to learn from the swan to take only the good and leave behind the unwanted. In a mixture of milk and water, milk represents the "good" and water which is used to adulterate the milk is the "unwanted”.

Coming to the mosquitoes…
A mosquito flies near the full udder of a cow. Milk is flowing from its udder. Mosquito looks at it, flies around and as it is interested in the taste of the blood, it bites the cow and sucks the blood from the overflowing udder. Even near the udder filled with rich milk, mosquito likes only the blood. A mosquito will never get milk from the udder of a cow, but only blood. The cow is not to be blamed for that.

Be like a swan which takes only the good and leaves the unwanted and do not be like the mosquitoes which rejects the good and goes after undesirable things which causes suffering to others.


  1. The description that a swan can separate milk and water is a little far-fetched---if not a complete myth. Milk is actually a colloidal solution with the milk fat and protein dispersed in water to present a uniform emulsion (similar to an oil-water emulsion). Now if somebody has seen a swan consuming "milk" alone and leaving out water this is what might happen. The inner lining of the beak of the swan is characterized by a hydrophobic membrane which allows the milk fat to penetrate through it and reject the watery portion. When the swan regurgitates the aqueous portion out it looks watery but it still has salts, lactose and some protein. Basically it will look like skim (fat-free) milk. The swan basically filters in the fat and rejects the rest of the milk out.

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