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Sunday, December 28, 2008

thoonilum iruppar song by haridossgiri swamiji

tUNilum iruppAr. rAgA: nAdanAmakriyA. Adi tALA. Composer: Pudukottai Gopalakrishna.


1: tUNilum iruppAr turumbilum iruppAr duritattaip-pariharippAr (nArAyaNan)
AnavamillAda anbargaL idayattil kANappaDum karuNaikkaDalAgiya kaNNan

2: unnilum iruppAr ennilum iruppAr ulagattilum iruppAr (nArAyaNan)
anniyamAi eNNAda amala cittam uLLORkku bhinnappaDAdiyangum brahmAnanda vastu

3: uLLilum iruppAr veLiyilum iruppAr uyirukkuyirAyum iruppAr (nArAyaNan)
eLLukkuL eNNai pOl engum niraivuTRArp-pOl kaLLa manaduLLORkkuk-kANappaDAda kaNNan

4: cittAyum iruppAr jaTamAyum iruppAr cid jaTamAyum iruppAr (nArAyaNan)
bhaktiyaip-paNNAmal pApattaiyE shryyum keTTa cittam uDaiyavarkku mrtyuvAit-tOnrum hari

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Interesting mails


ISN"T IT STRANGE: ----------------- Isn't it strange how Rs 200 seems like such a large amount when you donate it to temple, but such a small amount when you go shopping?

Isn't it strange how 2 hours seem so long when you're at the temple, and how short they seem when you're watching a movie?

Isn't it strange that you can't find a word to say when you're praying, but you have no trouble thinking what to talk about with a friend?

Isn't it strange how difficult and boring it is to read one chapter of the Bhagavad-gita, but how easy it is to read 100 pages of a popular novel?

Isn't it strange how everyone wants front-row-tickets to concerts or games, but they do whatever is possible to sit at the last row or at the back of the temple room?

Isn't it strange how we need toknow about an event for temple 2-3 weeks before the day so we can include it in our agenda, but we can adjust it for other events in the last minute?

Isn't it strange how difficult it is to learn a fact about Lord Krsna to share it with others, but how easy it is to learn, understand, extend and repeat gossip?

Isn't it strange how we believe everything that magazines and newspapers say, but we question the words in the Bhagavatam and other scriptures?

Isn't it strange how everyone wants a place in the Vaikunta, but they don't want to believe, do, or say anything to get there?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Hantha! Bhagyam Jananam

This article was written by narayan. What a lovely article!

Can you imagine some three situations which could prove how gifted are the Human Beings in comparison to others,including the Devatas. In the Vaikuntam, there is a long line of 330 million, standing in one line to meet The Mahavishnu Bhagawan,this line includes all the Demi- gods and other Devatas!!! There is not evn a second line for the seniors or for the more fortunates. All of them are carrying some unique and beautiful gifts for the Lord. Some are reaching upto the Main Gopuram and are returning for they are not given permission to meet the God. Even if one is given 5 minutes to talk to the Bhagawan, imagine the fate of the last one in the line and how many Janmas he has to wait to see the God.

Now come to the
Himalayas,where from Haridwar to the Rishikesh and above there are plenty of Ashramas of Yogies,Munis and Maharishis, in thousands of numbers. Each one of them doing rigorous penance ,some standing on one foot for years, some others hanging from the tallest branch of the nearest banyan trees , and others threatening to cut off their heads to get the Darshan of the Gods and Devatas of their liking.And imagine these Mahatmas are doing these things for the many Janmas and are yet to get the nod of the Gods.

Now, follow a guy who catches a train from the Lokamanya Tilak Terminus of Kurla in Mumbai and alights at a station called Thrissur in the state of Kerala in just 24 hours and from there he boards a bus and reaches the Booloka Vaikuntam of the Earth,named Guruvayur in half hour's time and then after standing in line for about one or one and a half hour he is able to see the God of all Gods, THE GURUVAYURAPPAN, for whoose Darshan the Devatas in Vaikuntam and the Munis in the Himalayas are waiting for ages!!!What do you conclude.............Hantha! Bhagyam Jananam

Nigama Shata Sahasrena Nirbhashyamanam............the hundreds of thousands of Shastras, Vedas and Upanishads could not describe the Brahmam (The God)......They only said that this is not the Brahmam and this is not it---by the theory of elimination ---such Brahmam that the eyes can not see which is enabling the eyes to see,such Brahmam the ears can not hear that which enables them to hear and that Brahmam the hands can not touch that which gives them the sense of touch......that Brahmam is in front of your eyes in Guruvayur.......Hantha! Bhagyam Jananam

The story of Bhagawan and His Leelas are called the Bhagawatham which Valmiki describes in 24000 verses in his Ramayanam,which Vedavyasa Bhagawan describes in 18000 verses in his Bhagawatha Puranam and which Melphathur Narayanan Bhattathiripad described in 1008 verses in his Narayaneeyam or which can be represented in just one name of Rama or Krishna....Sahasra Naama Thathulyam Rama Naama Varanane...Such Namasankeerthanam should be made non stop till one gets the Sakshatkaram which is a one-in-a-million probability,but if you just visit Guruvayur,the Same Para Brahma Tatwam is in front of you.....Hantha! Bhagyam Jananam.

Lord Rama Himself heard the Ramayana recital from Lava and Kusha and got the benefit of that Epic Sravanam and Narada Maharshi is believed to have recited the complete Bhagawatham to Lord Sree Krishna during the Rajasuya Yagna of Dharmaputra. And each and every Dasakam of Narayaneeyam is told to Lord Guruvayurappa by Bhattathiripad and the God is believed to have nodded "Yes" to every one of his inquiries. And this happened in the holy Mandapam of Sree Guruvayurappa and one can even touch such a place by ones own hands......Hantha! Bhagyam Jananam.

The Bhagawan who is the cause of Shrushti, Sthithi and Layam of all the Universe and beyond,one who creates the elements and the compounds of them and provides for their survival by giving them the food and essentials and at the Pralaya time safe guards them in His own stomach until the next cycle of production and Who describes the whole of Bhagawatham in just four slokas --Chatur sloki bhagawatham, to Brahmaji and the Lord Who kills the Hriranyaksha,the demon and saves the Earth from his clutches,taking the Varaha Avataram, and the Lord Who takes the Kapiladeva Avataram to recite the "Kapila Geetha" to His mother, Devahoothi, is in front of your eyes in Guruvayur......Hantha! Bhagyam Jananam.

Once Dakshaprajapathi conducted a Brihaspathisavanam Yaganam just to insult Siva by not inviting Him for the Yagna though He's his son-in-law,and in the end, Sati, his daughter, ends her life in the Yagagni and Lord Shiva beheads Daksha in anger and Lord Narayana arrives in the scene to restore calm in the Yagna shala and this Lord Narayana was Guruvayurappa Himself according to Bhattathiripad. And when small kid Dhruva wanted just to sit on the lap of his father Uttanapada,but Guru Narada advises him to do the penance to get the lap of actual father of all, the God Vishnu,and Guruvayurappa appears before Dhruva and gives him the eternal blessings and one can get such a blessing from Him,if only one can visit Guruvayur......Hantha! Bhagyam Jananam.

The same God, Who gave Darshanam to Prithu Chakravarthi and Who took the Avataram of Rishabha deva ,the Jain Thirthankar,and Who gave His Darshan to a Mahapapi like Ajamila in the form of His Guards and saved him from the Yama dhoothas,just for the sake of one Namakeerthanam,is in front of you at Guruvayur ,where Namasankeerthanams of Narayana,Narayana,Narayana,reverberates the whole atmosphere .......Hantha! Bhagyam Jananam.

Due to the Shapa of Parvathi when Chitraketu became Vrutrasura,the Lord gave him Moksham and Vaikuntam when he started praising the Lord,though he did not ask for anything from the God and if you too can do the praise of the Lord in Guruvayur.!.........Hantha! Bhagyam Jananam.

What should be the qualification to become a Bhaktha of the the matter of constant conflict in every one's mind.......if it's age, Dhruva would not have seen the God at 5 years, if it's good Caste, Guha would not have got Ram,if it's Punyam alone, Ajamila would not have attained Moksham,if it's Humanity alone,Hanuman would not have become the God himself,if it's Devatwam, Vibhishana or Prahlada would not have got the Darshan of the God.Because Prahlada even though born to an Asura like Hiranya Kashipu, is always on the Bhajan of Hari and he even tells his father ....Sravanam,Keerthanam,Vandanam,...........Navadha Bhakthi to please the Lord Vishnu.Prahlada tells his father that Hari is Sarvatra Vidyathe.....but poor Hirnya Kashipu can not see the God anywhere and he asks if Hari is present in the Pillar also and to prove the young Prahlada right, the Guruvayurappa appears from that pillar and kills Hiranya a strange avataram of Narasimham........And such a Lord is in front of us in the most Beautiful Swaroopam of Guruvayurappa...Hantha! Bhagyam Jananam.

God is so Kripalu that He appears immediately on the call of His Names.Not only of the Humans but also of all beings. Gajendra,the King Elephant, had called "Aadimoolame" and He started in His Garuda Vahanam to save His bhaktha,Gajendra.And one call of "Guruvayurappa" is more than sufficient for the Lord to come to your help.....Hantha! Bhagyam Jananam.

Although the
Milky Ocean was churned for getting Amrutham for the Devas, it produced - the most important thing for the human beings in this present day world--Lakshmy Devi with whose kadaksham the wealth is sustained in this Universe. And Mohini Avataram of Vishnu Bhagawan to distribute the Amrutham for the Devas and the Asuras is the other beautiful end-product of the Palazhi Mandanam.Mohini is the most beautiful Avataram of Mahavishnu,but our Guruvayurappa is..............
"Yat trilokya mahiyasopi mahitham,Sammohanam Mohanal,
Kantham kanthi nidhanathopi Madhuram,Madhurya dhuryadhapi,
Saundaryoutharothopi Sundaratharam,Twathroopam Aashcharyathopi,
Aashcharyam bhuwane na kasya koothukam,Pushnathi Vishno Vibho"
Hantha! Bhagyam Jananam

Mahabali had the blessings of his forefathers especially Prahlada,that was why he was able to get the foot of Mahavishnu on his head. Vamana Moorthy Bhagawan measured the two lokas with his two padams and the third one was on
Bali's head. We all strive to get the Padarenu of Bhagawan on our heads,but never we get the chance. But we sure can make the Sashtanga Namaskaram at the temple premises of Guruvayur thereby getting the Padarenus of all the Bhagawath Bhakthas making the Pradakshinam of the Lord....... Hantha! Bhagyam Jananam.

Sree Vishnu was very much pleased with Ambarisha Chakravarthy as he was an ardent devotee of Him. Bhagawan, even gave His Sudarshana Chakram to him which saved Ambarisha from the wrath of Durvassa Maharishi during his Ekadasi Vratham. This, Hari did to prove the world that He was a "Bhaktha Paradheenaha", and for we real Bhakthas, He has come down to Guruvayur to give His Blessings.Hantha! Bhagyam Jananam"

Each and every "Chetan" and "Achetan" thing in this world--Live and Inert objects of this world--can be treated as the Avataram of the God as He resides in every one of them. That is why the Hindus worship almost all the creations.But among the Avatarams, Sree Ram and Sree Krishna are the only POORNA AVATARAMS as they represent what is Bhagawatham,of the Bhagawan and of the Bhakthas.These two Gods could be seen only by the people of Their Yugas, but alas here in this Kali Yugam we have this Guruvayurappan,Whom all of us can see !! "Hantha! Bhagyam Jananam"

We all think that Lord Sree Krishna has taken yet another Avataram,that of Sree Guruvayurappan to bless the human beings in this Kali Yuga,but He was there even before the Krishna Avataram,in fact He was the same Adi Keshava who was worshiped by Krishna's parents and Krishna Himself in Madhura and later in Dwaraka. When the whole of Yadava Kulam as well as Dwaraka was drowned in the Sea,Guru Brihaspathi and Vayu Bhagawan carried and on the advise of Lord Shiva, installed the Idol on the banks of Narayana Saras in this Punya Kshetram of Guruvayur. That is why Melpathur Narayana Bhattathiripad asked Guruvayurappan in each and every Dasakam of his Narayaneeyam ,"was it not YOU"-- TAT TWAM ASI (tattwamasi). Melpathur saw the Lord and wrote ..."Agre Pashyami........." and wondered how fortunate the Human Beings are, to see HIM with their own naked eyes....................."HANTHA! BHAGYAM JANANAM"

My gurus in carnatic music

At the age of 7, my first guru was Smt.Andal. She was a violinist. She contributed much towards my basics in carnatic music till varnam. My next guru was Sri. Palaniappa gounder in Coimbatore. He was a great murugan devotee. He taught us many keerthanams .Also many tiruppugazhgal. He was the lyricist for many murugan songs and also he set tunes for tiruppugazh. You can hear me singing his songs in the following link: more important thing. I have tuned the Pamban Swamigal's "thiruvadi thuthi"in the above website.. My next guru is my mother Smt. Vijayalakshmi . She is a very good singer . Both myself and my sister used to sing together. Maani bhagavathar from kerala was our next guru. He taught us good keerthanais and he played a main role for voice culture. Shri.K.V.Nataraja bhagavathar of Coimbatore, an eminent vidwan, was our next guru. He taught us many kritis of TRINITY, TIRUPPAVAI,TIRUVEMBAVAI etc. Even now, I go to his house on Vijayadasami day to get his blessings.Sri. Chandrasekara bhagavathar, of pandanallur paramparai made me sing after a gap of 20 years. He loves me as his daughter. I dedicate this post to all my gurus who have tuned me to this level. I am grateful to my grandparents, parents and my husband who are still encouraging me in my music.

Music: My passion

At the age of 7, my paati put me in a music class.From then, till now, music is my passion and will be my passion for ever. My thatha, paati and my amma are my motivators. Now, after my VRS from a bank, I teach music to many students and housewives . When I listen to carnatic music, which has been my all time favourite, it soothes me a lot. And, ofcourse, it is my timepass too.