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Monday, February 2, 2009


The topic about which I would like to post in this blog is the recent craze among the teenagers and youngsters about attending discos and pubs and their addiction towards cellphones. People have some how got into an impression that going to discos , dancing and drinking is modern living. Are they marching towards the right direction? Is it right or safe? I think all girls and even boys should put their mind into some serious and deep thinking. In a way easy money which is available to our younger generation is also reason for such walk of life. They think that flirting and dating are modern thinking. I am definitely not against friendship between boys and girls. I was also from a co-education school. But I feel we should know where to draw the line. Youngsters should realise that there is a commitment and responsibility for them also. Women Liberation should be in our mind and healthy thinking. All of us have our own responsibilities in our society. We are the masters of our action and there is no point in blaming the others for a wrong step taken at a wrong time. If everyone could think twice before going to such places, I am very sure they can avoid landing into some deep troubles.

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  1. I've also been talking about this quite recently with my friends here.

    I live in the US and see how kids grow up here. Having a boyfriend is not a big deal at 15 here. But, not everyone has a boyfriend or is always partying. There are American parents who are sometime more strict and more family oriented than a lot of people in India.

    I think there is a craze in India to be "Westernized" Unfortunately, 90% of the kids in India have not seen or do not know the western world. All they see are the few crazy movies and they think that is the western world. Infact, the English movies that release here are much more decent and watchable than some Hindi movies. I'm absolutely astonished by some hindi movies and the worse part is that none of these movies have a age rating. Which means kids ages 3 and up go watch this.

    Its always sad that they don't take the good things about the western world. The great advances in technology, the thought to be creative and initiate things rather than follow them, the hard work, the cleanliness, the thought that not everything can be bought with money (bribery in India) etc.

    Kaash, those change too.