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Thursday, January 1, 2009

WHO AM I ? Artha panchagam

Sri. Kalyanapuram Aravamudhachariar mama came to Coimbatore two years back and he motivated all of us in Coimbatore to have a Sath Sampradayam. He plays an important and unforgettable role in my life which I consider as a Golden period in my life. His Harikatha and discourses are as sweet as his name “AARA AMUDHAN”. Now, I recollect a definition given by mama on ‘ARTHA PANCHAKAM’ of Swami Desikan. He often tells that this subject can be held as a workshop in colleges, schools etc. If each one of us have knowledge in these five doctrines, there is no need for a debate on the topic “WHO AM I” ? which is held often nowadays. These five doctrines are the most important ones for those who wish to gain moksham. This deals with five topics. Mama explains it as this :

1. நான் யார்? - என்பது நம் உள்ளே அணுமாத்ரம் உள்ள ஜீவன்

2. உள்ளே உள்ளது யார்? - என்பது பரமாத்ம ஸ்வரூபம்

3. அந்த பரமாத்ம ஸ்வரூபத்தை அடையும் உபாயம் - பக்தி , ப்ரபத்தி முதலியன

4. உபாயத்தால் கிடைக்கும் பலன் - மோக்ஷம்

5. பலனை அடைய வரும் தடைகள் - அவைகளை பகவத் கைங்கர்யத்தால் தடுக்கலாம்

ஸ்ரீ ஸுக்தி என்னும் தீபத்தை பக்தி என்னும் எண்ணையை விட்டு நிஷ்காம்யம் என்னும் திரி போட்டு ஏற்றுவோம் . இதுவும் மாமா சொல்வதுதான் .

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  1. Shanthi,I visited your cooking/recipe website and found it most useful and interesting. I live abroad and I loved your Iyengar thaligai. I am an Iyengar myself and would like to see on your cooking website the way to wear an Iyengar Madisaar -- step by step, if possible with pictures ( demonstration on a child maybe to make it easier to follow). It is really embarassing to ask someoneto tie it for you.=== Maithreyi